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Indie-pop band Chackie Jam - winner of Studio Brussel's De Nieuwe Lichting 2018 - has already released two EPs: "Hot Chicks & Douchebags" in 2018 and "Tell Me" in 2022. Thanks to the interest shown by various national radio stations in the singles "Hachi", "Shotokan", "Don't Dance", and "It Doesn't Matter", several years of extensive live playing followed.


However, starting in 2021, they changed their approach by playing with a full live band. Computers were removed from the live setup, resulting in a much more organic sound.


In September 2022, the band recorded a debut album with this new sound. Instead of going to the studio, they organized three live sessions with an audience at the Blikfabriek in Antwerp. With a band of 10 talented musicians (who had already made their mark elsewhere), Chackie Jam rehearsed the entire week in a very amicable atmosphere that is also apparent in the album. The Blikfabriek is indeed an inspiring location, a hive of creative and entrepreneurial souls. The band did everything themselves, with everyone contributing to the production in their own way, from general organization and technical aspects to catering and audience reception. "Emmène-moi · The Live Album" will be released on October 20, 2023, both online and on vinyl.

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